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Now in our third decade of proven execution and experience, SBA is proud to be a leading tower owner and operator of wireless communications structures in the United States. If you currently lease your land to SBA, you can expect a trusted tenant, predictable and superior service and our commitment to preserving our valued and long-term relationship.

In the fast-changing world of wireless communications, we make sure that you are fully informed on all relevant issues pertaining to our tower on your property. A highly trained SBA specialist is always just a phone call or email away. When you partner with SBA, you have the advantage of working with an industry leader who is dedicated to keeping you ahead of the curve to maximize the value of your property.

Check the reasons SBA is your trusted business partner and your best choice:

  • SBA is a leading, publicly traded wireless infrastructure company with a solid portfolio of towers that are marketed across North America.
  • SBA offers various arrangements, which may afford you unique tax advantages and immediate funding.
  • SBA has an experienced team of professionals in real estate, finance and site management with a proven record of success and responsiveness.
  • SBA offers a team of experts, including regional site managers, who provide quarterly inspections of the tower as well as ongoing property maintenance.
  • SBA provides $1 million insurance coverage and real estate tax reimbursement.
  • SBA, with its multi-billion dollar market value, has the financial foundation and resources to close and provide you with much needed capital to spend as you wish.
Once you contact SBA, one of our professionals will promptly analyze your lease and payment history and inform you of your options to turn your existing lease into additional and possibly greater value.

Do You Have Property You Would Like to Lease for Cell Towers?

SBA develops new tower sites to expand our cell site portfolio both domestically and internationally. If you have real estate that you would like us to consider as a potential cell site location, please contact us. Rental revenue from your property may provide a reliable, supplemental income stream to help you meet your financial goals.

We will evaluate your property or building rooftop based on our expertise in assisting wireless carriers to develop and enhance their wireless network infrastructure. If your site is a good fit for our portfolio, we will contact you to discuss the opportunity further. Our experienced New Builds, Site Management and Acquisitions teams can work with you to determine the best leasing solution for your property.

Click below to contact us and see if your property is a good candidate to become part of our portfolio. Please include your contact information, a brief description of your property and its location.

Contact us for more information.
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