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Development: Build-to-Suit Services

SBA develops new tower sites to expand our tower portfolio both domestically and internationally. In our new build program, we construct towers in locations that are strategically chosen by us or under a build-to-suit arrangement.

In build-to-suit situations, SBA builds towers for wireless service providers at locations that they have identified. We retain ownership of the tower and the exclusive right to co-locate additional tenants on the tower.

In towers constructed in locations chosen by SBA, we use our knowledge of our customers' network requirements to identify locations where multiple wireless service providers may need to locate antennas to meet capacity or service demands. We identify attractive locations for new towers and complete pre-construction procedures necessary to secure the site concurrent with our leasing efforts. Once permitting is issued and a tenant lease signed, the New Builds team manages construction of the facility.

Tower Maintenance

With over 26,000 owned towers and growing, the tower maintenance team at SBA has the primary responsibility for the maintenance, upkeep and repair of our towers and ground facilities. Tower maintenance also supports and facilitates the installation of tenants on our tower sites, assuring the sites are maintained according to the highest safety standards. As part of this process, one of our Regional Site Managers visit each site every 90 days, continually confirming our tenants' equipment is properly installed within the parameters of executed lease and that tower and grounds are likewise safely maintained. Our Senior Regional Site Managers work closely with our outside engineering firm and internal leasing personnel if structural upgrades are needed on an SBA tower to accommodate new equipment.

Network Operations Control Center (NOCC)

Part of the responsibilities of our Operations group is the monitoring of more than 5,000 towers to comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) lighting requirements. This responsibility is managed through the Network Operations Control Center (NOCC). In more than 10 years of tower ownership, SBA has maintained a 100 percent safety record in respect to our filings of notices with the FAA.

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