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Property Rights

If you are currently leasing space to a wireless provider on the rooftop of your building or other property asset (such as water tower, bell tower or church steeple), you can create greater liquidity when you monetize your property rights through a structured buyout with SBA. When you partner with SBA for a buyout of your property rights interests, you enhance your financial options while you maintain property ownership.

As one of the largest communications site management companies in North America, SBA offers expertise and solutions to assist you in converting idle real estate assets into expanded revenue sources. Our experienced site management professionals are always available to assist you and serve as your trusted advisors in the fast-changing world of wireless telecommunications.

SBA can offer you various buyout options in exchange for a long-term or perpetual easement, the assignment of your current leases, and the rights to market your rooftop or other property and add future tenants. In each case, SBA will tailor a buyout to suit your needs, and you will receive a competitive and attractive market valuation for your property assets.

If you would like to explore ways to monetize revenues from an existing wireless carrier lease on your property, we welcome your inquiries.

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