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SBA is an industry leader in providing the wireless infrastructure that makes communication work, with a track record of growth in markets throughout North, Central and South America.

We have become aware that some people have been contacted online by persons impersonating job recruiters for SBA Communications. These “fraudulent recruiters” have used Gmail accounts to make contact and have requested chat-based interviews on Google Hangouts before offering employment positions that require providing personal information and depositing a check to purchase work-related supplies.

We urge all visitors to our corporate website career pages to be alert to this activity and to be cautious, as the tactics of these “fraudulent recruiters” could change. To safely apply for and view open positions at SBA Communications, please click on “Explore Opportunities” button in the blue banner on and follow the instructions.

NOTE: Our recruiter emails always come from an official email address rather than an address from a free email service such as Gmail, Outlook, Live, Yahoo or AOL.

If you suspect you have been the victim of this or a related fraud, immediately contact your financial institution if you shared account information and then file a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at For any general security-related questions regarding SBA Communications, feel free to email


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SBA is an industry leader in providing the wireless infrastructure that makes communication work, with a track record of growth in markets throughout North, Central and South America. For hardworking and passionate candidates, we offer career opportunities across our business where self-motivated, entrepreneurial personalities thrive.

We know you are eager to find a career path that is as rewarding as it is challenging – where your ideas are not only heard, but encouraged, planned and realized. Our company was founded on that kind of collaborative, market-changing idea. From our leading position in the industry to our financial strength and strong leadership, SBA is poised to take on the wireless infrastructure challenges of today and tomorrow.

Your ingenuity, hard work and ambition are valued at SBA. We appreciate and reward those qualities in our team members because they are the same qualities that laid the foundation for SBA when we launched our business nearly 30 years ago. Hardworking, self-motivated personalities thrive across all of our career paths because we give them opportunities to innovate and advance.

We invite you to discover your own path at SBA; one that will allow you to learn, lead and realize the future you are seeking. You will enjoy our exciting and supportive culture, recognition by both colleagues and leadership and exceptional benefit offerings.

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Fast-paced. Evolving. Supportive. Dedicated.

This is how we describe our culture at SBA, but it may also be how you describe yourself. Our entrepreneurial spirit runs deep, guiding how we build our business, inspire each other and deliver for our customers. Whether you are in the office or the field, as a member of our team you will find colleagues that encourage you, challenges that energize you and leaders that appreciate you. Join us and share your ideas, passion and drive as we develop the wireless infrastructure that makes mobile communications possible throughout the world.

We invite you learn more about our remarkable corporate story by visiting our company links such as About SBA or Vision that highlights our Mission and Guiding Principles. You will be inspired by our Corporate Responsibility efforts that are focused on our people and philanthropic initiatives.